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What Is Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Management Services are generally offered to high net worth Individuals (HNIs) who wish to opt for personalized management of their finances. The term portfolio means the basket of asset classes such as equity, debt, commodities, cash, etc. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a customized investment service by which we invest in securities like equity, fixed income securities etc. Portfolio management is managing appropriate combination of securities to generate optimum return and reducing risk through proper diversification. Unlike Mutual Funds, The ownership of securities lies with the investor and actively managed by professional manager. It is a customized investment product based on client needs and objectives.

Financial markets are complex to understand and investing in financial markets require market knowledge, proper research & analysis, experience, regular monitoring and it is a time consuming process for an individual Investor. In PMS, a group of experienced professionals do extensive research and analyze the securities for the client. Client just needs to give money to the portfolio manager and he will invest on behalf of client. Portfolio Manager understands client goals and risk appetite, based on client needs he optimizes the returns to achieve client goals by investing in securities like equity, fixed income securities and commodities etc.

Investing in direct equity requires market knowledge, proper research, experience, regular monitoring and it is a time consuming process for an individual Investor. Investors who are looking for an alternative to direct equity can look to invest in PMS. PMS provide comfort to the investors and generate superior returns in the long run.


Types of Portfolio Managements

  • Discretionary Portfolio management services

The investment in discretionary portfolio management is at discretion of the fund manager & client has no intervention in the investment process. Client gives the authority to portfolio manager to manage the securities in the portfolio.

  • Non-Discretionary Portfolio management services

In non discretionary portfolio management services, the portfolio manager can only suggest the investment ideas to client but the client has full right to take his own decisions.


Advantages of PMS

  • Customized based on client requirement
  • Superior returns
  • Reducing risk through diversification
  • Managed by experienced professional manager
  • Liquidity
  • Tax efficient
  • Regular portfolio monitoring



Professional Management

The most important is PMS provides professional management of portfolios, the portfolio manager is expert in its area and has years of experience in the same field. The strategies designed by him will be as per the objective of the investor.

Continuous review and rebalancing

Constant reviewing leads to excellent performance and also, keeping it align as per objective of the investment. Changes in the portfolio are done when needed.

Ease of transactions

All the paper work and administrative actions are taken care by the portfolio manager. The investor doesn’t have to involve in all these paper work. Periodic performance reports are shared by the managers to the investors.


All the capital gain, performance and profit and loss statements are shared with investor on a regular basis. The investor is always aware about its holdings and market value of his investments.

Personalized Approach

Portfolio management services can be discretionary or non discretionary.


Latest strategies and real time implementation.


Private Discussion Groups dedicated for our members.


Supported and backed by powerful technological tools.

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