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Master Options Trader Course – is an Option trading advanced course which simplifies your life as a trader. There is a scientific way of earning money in the market. This course teaches you those not-so known strategies. If you want to move away from speculation and become a professional trader  then this course is for you.

Its a ONE MONTH WEEKEND classroom program in which you learn to make strategies with which you can earn consistently in the market.

 Technical Analysis shows only half the picture you need to combine it with Derivative Analysis to be able to trade successfully. Relying only on technical analysis will never ring in profit consistently. The reason for low success rate of technical analysis is that when you are doing Technical analysis you are only looking at charts which is pictorial presentation of Future price. Here you are completely ignoring  the Option data which is very powerful data & we believe that market moves on basis of option data.

Its the combination of Technical Analysis & Derivative Analysis that makes analysis complete and more precise. Option Trading can be extremely enjoyably and profitable if we combine the two analysis. Your success rate goes to a whole new level.

Master Options Trader Course is based on how to combine Technical & Derivative analysis to form a market’s trend view and then frame low risk strategy. It also include how to do risk & money management in trading.


Latest strategies and real time implementation.


Private Discussion Groups dedicated for our members.


Supported and backed by powerful technological tools.

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” Made ₹10,000 in first week , This Webinars offers in person training with ample online support and continuing educational tools. The instructors are very seasoned with a lot of depth of knowledge and experience. ”

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